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BoahEy 2012年12月28日 14時21分
My Screenshot is not uploading
i have made a screenshot in alan wake. get to the coal mine. i took all possible 3 rides to the cool mine and parked them nearby and took a photo. as i titled the picture to be named like "in the summertime when the weather is fine" and pressed the make it public upload button, it simulates to upload it to the cloud somewhere and rejected it with an error. is it normally or a phenomenom
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Lumilicious 2012年12月28日 17時26分 
I had this happen to me quite alot with Alan Wake screenshots and I made ... around a 100 or so while playing. Just keep on trying, restart steam and open up the screenshotmanager and retry again... it will work eventually.

I had this happen in other games as well though, but Alan Wake was a B. regarding that.
BoahEy 2012年12月28日 17時30分 
hehe steamless steam
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