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wallabi 27. pro. 2012 v 5.46 dop.
crossfire performance
i had not playd this in awhile, atleast not sence i started keeping my msi afterburner temp/fps/etc graph up on my other display... noticed i was getting a very stable 30 fps, like vsync stable... i knew exactly what was the cause of this immediatly "side note: i personally belive the game experience is better at 30 fps, i duno... it dosent really bog the game down at 30, running it at 60+ seems to just make it feel and look like a video game" anyway... so i forced afr mode on my crossfire, fixed it of course 70+fps stable.. the thing thats trippin me out about this is the fact it has cap profiles ;/ anyone else with crossfire have the same issue?
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wallabi 27. pro. 2012 v 9.50 odp. 
hmm just to add to this, i tried forcing the alan wake profile also and got a little better performance than afr, for some reason catalyst isnt detecting this game by default and aplying the profile ;/
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