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Steewaart Jan 1 @ 2:23pm
Will it go back on sale?? HELP!
Is there a chance for this game to go on sale for 80-90% off again? Since I only have $4.86....
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KoRos_1990 Jan 1 @ 2:41pm 
Maybe not for this special but it will be back down again during the next special that Steam has...
XxMlG_Putin_n0sc0pe_360xX Jan 1 @ 2:41pm 
It will maybe after 3 or more months. I got spare copy of game but i need something like ac3.
VaLiuM Jan 2 @ 1:26pm 
Summer sale maybe? ;)
Reijpo Jan 3 @ 7:55am 
BrotherBear Jan 4 @ 11:17am 
im 90% sure it will
ian_span Jan 4 @ 12:19pm 
I have the collector's edition. it is yours for 4 keys.
Barônio Jan 4 @ 12:30pm 
I have it for a trade, do you have anything to offer?
Steewaart Jan 4 @ 3:28pm 
That would be great Ian if you can lemme have it for 4 days
ian_span Jan 5 @ 3:25am 
That's keys, not days. It's a steam gift. If you are willing to trade, be my guest :)
Steewaart Jan 5 @ 10:07am 
Oh. I don't really have anything to trade. I only got 5$ left on this account
Bumblebee Jan 6 @ 1:35am 
i have an Alan Wake Key, we can trade with something, just add me and we will find something! :)
Steewaart Jan 6 @ 12:54pm 
Maybe you want something from the Weeklong sale. Cause I really want :)
himmatsj Jan 7 @ 5:09am 
Hey I can give you Alan Wake. You just need to give me $4.80 from your Steam wallet!!
Sixsensesman Jan 7 @ 6:09am 
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