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Hippityd Feb 14, 2014 @ 11:04am
I loved this game.
Four dollars for both games. Pfft how can you beat that.
Really good story where I actually watched the cut scenes instead of skipping.
The klunky/crazy combat and side 3rd person really was fine after first hour.
The fact that every situation had at least 3 different ways of getting thru an area.
Everytime the game seemed a little easy a nice tough part would appear.
Oops, almost forgot about the good graphics which was unexpected for 4 bucks.
They had the car similar to the original Evil Dead movie. What else to say about that =)
Loved all the ole school elevators, bridges and cable cars for transportation.
Got to get in a car and run zombies over 4-5 times before tehy died.
Loved the multitasking you had to do with flares, flashlight and guns at same time.
Episode 6 had my heart racing as I barely made it to each checkpoint.
Speaking of checkpoints the game did that well where you never backtracked to much.
Alan's friend and the crazy doctor were hilarious and I found myself loling at times.
Even had a small low scale Shining bush maze.
Little map with yellow dot never left you confused on way to go.
Ammo is not abundant in game if you are wasteful.

Would rather my peep be in the middle of screen or first person. But fun/challenging to do it well
Had tiny graphic fuzzies when I turned real quick but only slightly noticable.
Didn't like how they took all my guns/ammo/stuf when a new chapter started.
Maybee could of used 1 more chapter.

Did anyone kill the doctor with all them birds? I found myself running from him. I highly recommend this game when it's at a rediculous 80-90% off.
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Vic 2.0 Feb 14, 2014 @ 5:30pm 
I liked everything about this game except that in some locations it gives you too much ammo.

I always kill the "doctor" (Embarrassingly, I thought it was Dr. Hartman the whole time until my fourth playthrough, when I realized it was his helper, Nurse Birch). But he is a huge pain in the you know what! I usually run past him into the gazebo where there's a flare gun or something like that, IIRC, and that helps a little but he's still pretty challenging.
Hippityd Feb 14, 2014 @ 7:50pm 
I found 1 area gave me so little ammo i ran back 5 minutes to load up again. That was around the lovers something area.
Vic 2.0 Feb 14, 2014 @ 8:29pm 
Yeah, the journey to Lover's Peak is definitely a challenge for such an early point in the game. I can't remember how I got through it the first time, but I eventually got good enough at it that I didn't have to run back for ammo or avoid fighting (knowing where the ammo is along the way helps).

But then there are areas where you're just plain not SUPPOSED to have enough ammo, such as the woods right before you reach the radio station (although it is possible to kill all the Taken here with just the flashbangs, believe it or not) and the area right before you reach Walter/Danny's house.
Hippityd Feb 14, 2014 @ 8:31pm 
My next game I guess will be Dead Space. Backed up 50 games from fall/winter sales. I'm never gonna get caught up.
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