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Broken MP?
Hi 2 all!
How many of you are able to play with your friends via channel?
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Arbok 2012年8月26日 14時18分 
I tried the DTHRALLY channel but nobody was online...
GPReS 2012年8月27日 9時13分 
the problem is that if even someone is online - it does not start the game and always says - "no players found"
Lego 2012年8月30日 11時02分 
I tried to play with my brother on a channel created by us, we can play fine the first 10 races, after that, the game would not connect. Instead of "waiting for players", it get stuck on "connecting to (channel)".
I don't have any friends that own this game (sad frowny face), but I've had no luck at all trying to find a random match to jumo into. It just keeps saying there's nothing found. That being said. i welcome all friend invites for people who want to play this game together.
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1-4 / 4 のコメントを表示
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