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Beast 15 okt 2012 om 4:27nm
Missing Achievements
Some of my achievements is missing before the update, and now I can't get at all, pleaes help?
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Franky 26 jun 2014 om 2:01vm 
I have the same problem too!
fat_freddy_76 2 jan om 10:20vm 
Me too.
fat_freddy_76 5 jan om 7:22vm 
Achievements reappeared after last STEAM-Update.
ArchNME 17 jan om 3:07nm 
the best place to keep track is the days of wonder website. you can log in there with your player name and password. Lots of really cool stuff. And if you click on your player I.D. in the upper right after you log in you can change your accounts settings and track your buddies too.
Franky 12 feb om 12:51nm 
Well, no luck for me. I played a few games, but Steam still doesn't sync up with my DoW website achievement records. For example, "Basic Combat Training" and "Chaaaarge!" still doesn't appear in my Steam achievement :(
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