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mnygaard 2013年10月27日 13時56分
Greatest 2-man Boardgame ever made
It's chess, back-gammon, poker and WWII packed into one...
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D-Man 1月11日 15時17分 
I think you may be right. I love the boardgame too, especially Ancients and the Napoleon versions of this mechanic. It would be amazing to see them come to life in the digital medium as well.
mnygaard 1月12日 12時17分 
To be honest (and I'm saying this as an absolute fan-boy of Memoir44) Ancients is where the Command and Color system shines the most, it even reflects the way people thought about war at the time.
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Thano 2月28日 2時25分 
agreed just need buddies to play against
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