Memoir '44 Online
MayhemMike 20 жов 2013 о 17:05
Steam Search not working for this game
If you search for Memoir 44 using the "Free to play" Genre selection you only get 1 result the trailer, if you search for it through the F2P section you will get an error message "Memoir 44 is not free to play"
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mnygaard 27 жов 2013 о 13:50 
It's because this game was originally released as a "free to play" - but since there was a lot of complains from Steam users about the 50gold limit - Daysofwonder decided to move it from that catagory.
I still think this should be listed as "free-to-play" - you get more quality from this game than from many of the $10+ games on Steam, IMO.
ArchNME 31 бер о 12:01 
I absolutely agree, really can be free to start. Of course, once you have gone thru the 50 free starter gold you are likely to be thoroughly addicted. I sure was. But, I know at least a few players who stay free by starting over repeatedly. Plus there are two scenarios that are always free to play. But once you've gotten to use armor and artillery in quantity, it is really hard to enjoy the mostly infantry scenarios. And frankly, the cost of gold is pretty paltry compared to where we all spend our money these days!!!
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Показані коментарі 12 із 2
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