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glraven 2013年11月10日上午2:43
Shameless Cash Grab
Please correct me if I am wrong as I do not wish to start an unfair attack on this game. I've been a big fan of the Ticket to Ride game from Days of Wonder. However, I am really disappointed at the attempt to milk people in this game.

Basically, it is impossible to "own" this game. Battles will cost you coin, and after finishing the initial 50 free coins, you are offered the opportunity to buy "more coins" but not the actually game! That means if you really love this game, it is possible that you will have to buy coins for the rest of your life just to play against the computer or online players.

There is a good chance that I might pay 10 euro for this game. However, judging from its business model, I think I will uninstall it afterI finish my free coins.
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Dr Guido VanFoch 2013年11月11日上午9:15 
Yeah, I'm not a fan of this business model either. I'd rather pay one fee, then have the game to play as much or as little as I want without worrying whether I'm going to run out of game cash. I don't know the conversion factor between in-game cash and how many games you get, but after the free stuff is gone, I probably won't be paying-to-play each game. It's like the WoW model, pay each month. Just don't look back after 5 years, and add up all those months, and see how much you've paid! Nah, not for me. World of Tanks is also a bit like this. It's a great game, no question. But I paid $40 once when it came out, and that's it, no more. I know of people who are addicted (yep "addicted") and who have paid out over $800 so far!! Sheesh, for a GAME?!?!? C'mon, $60 for a high end AAA game title is about the limit right now.

Also, it's unfortunate that you have to pay $30 to get access to the editor (correct me if I'm wrong). I didn't really look into it, as I was afraid they would charge you even more each time you want to create your own scenario.

Hopefully, after this game has been out for a while, and they aren't making as much money anymore, they will allow people to simply purchase it for a one-time fee of, oh I don't know, say $9.95. Then they can charge you for the add-on packs, at, say, $2.99 each. That seems like a reasonable amount for a game like this.
TheLastHairbender 2013年11月18日下午2:48 
You can earn in game cash by winning multiplayer matches, but when i say earning its more along the lines of reamburstment. And thats only if you win, otherwise each game you will have less and less gold and have to buy more. But as long as you win its allright.
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Born to be Mild 2013年11月26日下午4:55 
if you dont sign in through steam you can keep making new accounts
Slovenehero 2013年12月28日上午2:34 
second that
X-the Unknown 2013年12月28日下午2:29 
I can see where they are going with this type of payment plan. It's like going into the Penny (or now quarters) arcade and playing a video game with quarters. You get a substantial amout of coins like drugs to sucker you into playing said game and then you're stuck for as long as you want to play it buying more rolls of quarters. It's just a different form of presenting it. Instead of a video box in an arcade you play it online at Steam.

The fact that you do get 50 coins and the first couple of games free sort of makes it a no brainer though. Just use the free stuff and move along. Remember no game is that great, not even Sid Meier's Civilization V or IV or III or II or origional. You eventually moved away from playing even those I'm sure.....didn't you? :) 50 coins will let you play a lot of games at no charge, then if you still want to play that's when the game will cost you. But, do you really think you will spend $10 worth of quarters on this game?
mnygaard 2014年1月3日下午3:15 
As someone who has put down more than $60 on this game, I'd have to say that it's a pretty fair model for this type of game, even though it's hurting a fanboy like me a lot.
Most people who play Mem44 won't play more than a few dozen games, and that won't cost them a thing - but they have access to the entire game, no hidden micro-transactions or "hidden levels" you have to pay for.
On the other hand, if you do know you're going to play a lot, or if you want to be able to make your own maps and play them online (it's a great way to test maps before you play them in real life) then you can pay.
Each game is costing me a few cents, but I'm having a great time playing, especially since the opponents in this game are often interesting people who likes a good conversation about WWII and games :)

See you on the battlefield.
The mad jester 2014年1月11日上午10:54 
you can also just buy the normal version you dont need a pc for it and you dont have to pay al the time but you have to pay 50$ for it and you need some one to play against
Kyur 2014年1月31日上午12:29 
Thanks for the information :)
> Uninstall
Dudebro 2014年3月4日上午11:32 
Yeah thanks for the info.
>Almost installed
kafjack 2014年3月4日下午9:24 
i hate cash grabbing games. not installing. thanks
Dedmeatzz 2014年3月16日上午6:21 
I have to agree.Great game, bad pricing decision. Make it a 1 time payment and attract more long term players. Pay to play is one of the worst things to happen to gaming in recent years and only serves to discourage more players than it attracts. It may seem like a good idea to a company's accountant but ruins a game for the people who actually want to play it.
Sam 2014年3月22日上午9:53 
Hmm. I actually think the model is good. I paid the $30 for 1000 credits. At two or three credits per game that gives me 350-500 games! I don't see how that is unfair at all. To be honest, I only get to play my wife or brother at home; none of my other friends play. I love to be able to play others across the world. To play $30 every once in awhile for a great game seems cheap.
DerHannes 2014年5月3日上午7:27 
Well, using the 50 coins and then I'll uninstall it... I'd rather play the real boardgame version.
The High Seer 2014年7月6日下午7:08 
looks like certain scenarios are always free, at least against the AI... its hard to tell which ones... I had to click around each time to find them... but I have played three or four times solo and it hasn't charged me anything yet...
mnygaard 2014年9月19日上午10:48 
引用自 The High Seer
looks like certain scenarios are always free, at least against the AI... its hard to tell which ones... I had to click around each time to find them... but I have played three or four times solo and it hasn't charged me anything yet...
Juno Beach and Pegasus Bridge are always free.
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