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Gongix 2013年12月13日 20時54分
Why this doesnt show on the free 2 play section?
why does this game doesnt show in the free 2 play section? i found it by luck... are there more free games on steam that arent listed on f2p section? why?
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mnygaard 1月3日 15時18分 
Because there was a great uproar about it not really being f2p since people can only play 2 maps for free and only gets 50gold (i.e. approx 18-25 games) for free. Daysofwonder asked Steam to move the game from the free to play section for that reason. They're upstanding guys... that's why.

I still think it should be on the free2play list, though...
that and its no longer support I belivie
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