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Kowman 2014年2月24日上午1:23
Useless but satisfying complaint
I've had a couple of instances in the past year where I have attempted to buy games and the transaction would not go through. I like the game well enough and have been playing (solo anyway) the past couple of weeks. So I tried to buy some some gold credits in Memoir 44,

The credits would not post to my Memoir 44 account and the transaction failed. I do have the credits in my Steam wallet so OK there. But I would like to continue to play M44. So I have to engage with the slow and difficult customer support, not sure of whether in should be Steam or the company which makes the game (third-party). Undoubtedly, both of them, but not according to each other.

Seems like opportunity for sales is just wasted. It is just too difficult to have to register, etc, to engage with customer support and the need to do it occurs way too frequently. Think I'm done with buying games for a bit.
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Thano 2014年2月28日上午2:27 
I had the same bull happen but the game never opened for me and itsbeen since November and steam still has done nothing. Im rusty used to play all the time on the board butno one here plays anymore so if your looking for a somone to play against via email Im so down Im sick of bots
Kowman 2014年3月19日上午12:43 
An update to my complaint. As I noted when I did my first transaction I received credits to my Steam Wallet but no in-game Gold. I again tried to buy Gold and this time I could see it had my Steam Wallet credits. The transaction went thru and I received my in-game gold. Heads up: You must have Steam Credits in your wallet and then you buy the in=game gold.
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