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Rathgara 2012年10月7日下午12:38
Game launches, but acts like I don't own it
Has anyone else had the problem where the game loads, but it takes you to the first screen and there is no play option, it acts like you don't own the game?
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Thypast 2012年11月19日下午10:53 
Happens to me about half of the time I try to play. Pretty frustrating. Closing and reopening the game, Steam, or rebooting : nothing seems to fix the problem.
scarecrow0588 2013年3月9日上午1:08 
Same problem here.
davrana 2013年3月9日上午4:49 
Same problem here. In single player the only option I get is to buy the game. Online mode is unavailable. What's going on?
Honeybaked-Ham 2013年3月9日上午10:35 
Exact same problem, I was playing the main game fine last week and I bought and activated DLC and since then I can't play. Funny thing is I did the exact same for my wife and hers works fine.
Rumpelstiltskin 2013年3月14日上午11:41 
I got the same problem...is there a fix for it yet?
Occhilupo 2013年3月27日下午1:48 
Same happened to me today,updated the steam client and after poof.
eviltwin61878 2013年3月27日下午5:31 
I can play the game but when i try to go online it says i do not own it and have to buy all the maps again
dirtygremlin 2013年4月1日下午1:10 
Same here. It seems to not happen after 7pm Eastern time zone, US.
Jaqen H'Ghar 2013年4月22日上午2:06 
I'm having the same problem. Does anyone have a fix yet?
EricB@DoW  [开发者] 2013年4月22日上午2:14 
Try to go offline (Steam -> Go offline...) and then once Steam has restarted switch back online (Steam -> Go online ...)
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