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b1uph03n1x 2012年8月16日下午2:23
Do you own the board game too?
As a proud owner of the Ticket to Ride board game, I wanted to see who else plays this wonderful game away from the computer.
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Valkrye 2012年8月17日上午5:36 
I've played the board game but don't actually own it. Only played it the once but really enjoyed it and was very suprised to see it was made into a pc game.
•GG• Ace2020boyd 2012年8月17日下午2:09 
Love the board game! I play it alot!
usagichan 2012年8月18日下午9:08 
Only have the Europe boardgame, and so far, the American version plays out very differently.
Jeff the T 2012年8月22日上午7:31 
I have the Europe Board game with the 1910 (or whatever date it is) expansion for it. I hope that they bring that expansion to this game and not just the American map.
Nebula 2012年9月4日下午9:43 
I think its 1912 for the Europe expansion. I never played the boardgame, just stumble upon ticket to ride as it was in a bundle with a Summer Sale on Steam. I love it! My wife downloaded it on her iPad, she can't get enough of it either, lol. I love all the different maps and varients. USA and Europe maps do certainly play differently, but they are equally fun imo. My wife and I plan on buying the boardgame as soon as possible, we love the digital version so much!
perfectvelvet 2012年9月7日下午7:40 
Yes, love it!
Moose 2012年9月10日上午8:11 
I own the Europe version of the boardgame and the Europe map and rules play out exactly like their board game counterparts. Usagichan the differences you are probably noticing are the built in differences between their real-life versions.

The board game version made me want to buy the digital version and while it seems to do a very good job of recreating the rules there are a few minor issues that keep me from saying that the digital version is perfect, especially concerning online play.
eternity 2012年9月11日下午1:13 
I own Nordic Countries and it ROCKS!!! Awesome game!!!!!!!! :p
pillsbury_girl 2012年9月15日下午2:32 
I own the Eurpoe Version and I am teaching all my friends and family how to play. Everyone loves it!
Tayaes 2012年9月16日上午8:20 
Just bought it!
marce.ahern 2012年9月17日上午2:54 
Yes. Have had it for a few years and really love it :)
thewookie 2012年9月17日上午9:21 
I own the Card Game, Ticket to Ride(Original) and 1910, and Nordic Countries. I plan on getting Merlin and Europe soon.
Just a Guest_12 2012年9月24日下午10:18 
I owned the USA and 1910 expansion, Europe expansion, and the Switzerland limited edition board game. Love the games! Sometimes, it's more fun to play with real people on the actually board game than online.
urbaer 2012年9月27日上午6:14 
We own the European version. My wife insisted we buy that one "because we know European geography better than American". Still spend much of the game trying remember where some cities are without being obvious about where our destinations are. I think she knew the rule about the person who has visited more European countries going first and that's why she wanted that version :)
Mrtvak 2012年11月13日上午9:47 
I own (and play a lot) USA, 1910 expansion and the Card game... Great stuff :)
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