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SnakeEyes 2012年10月19日 16時26分
$6.79 at GameStop...per the threads here i guess not even worth that?
sounds like an interesting game, but the reviews and commentary here...

sounds like a rotten lemon that somebody pooped on...
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paul1576 2012年11月9日 6時56分 
Buy it as the game aint that bad and is kinda cool in a way. Its like a dumbed down version of x3 but with rpg elements and it does look pretty. I can see the next game they make as been a lot better so I would watch this "space"
Cheshire Cat 2013年9月11日 15時51分 
I got this free with the discounted early sg2 release, and I'm certainly having fun with it. The progression seems decent, the story is decent, the visuals and general programming skills put into this are honestly suprising considering the low budget origin of the game... If our ok with a game with a few rough edges that can and may be fixed, and whos developers may have done all the voice acting themselves... then this is a GREAT game for $7 If it were $40+ I'd prrobably be a bit dissapointed but not angry. I pesonally have alot of ideas how the develpopers could turn this into a good $30-$40 game with little effort but then that sounds like I'm trying to sell them a service which I am not.
still_unchained 2013年9月11日 17時25分 
^^ Buying the sg2 with this as a freebie seemed like a no-brainer after watching somebody stream it for a bit. It has some rough edges but seems to have a lot of core-play as well.
Cheshire Cat 2013年9月11日 18時06分 
Eiernacken 2013年9月14日 9時45分 
its old game the controls a bit choppy like the old games where but the game is still fun its nice spoken parts the graphic is not awesome and you fly on a space table you cant up and down just right and left stearing but still a nice game i was sceptic too but i buy in the alpha for starpoint gemini 2 so i got this for free its ok for spend some time but no big hit or AAA title
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