Risk121 Mar 10 @ 11:15pm
should i play this first
i bought starpoint gemini 2 and it came with a freee copy of the first 1

to people who have played both games is it worth it to start with the first 1 and move on to the next one or just jump to starpoint gemini 2 one skipping the first 1
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Miasma Agent Mar 12 @ 7:04am 
I think it is not necessary to play first starpoint gemini and then starpoint gemini 2.
tomislav.the.devilkin Mar 12 @ 7:08am 
Played the first one couple a years ago, was ok to me, had some issues, the story's good though, so to everyone's liking.
michaelcowry Mar 12 @ 8:30am 
If you have any intention to play first game, play it before you start the sequel. Once you start the sequel, and witness the astonishing direcX11 eye candy - I seriously doubt you'll be interested in first game again :) . But in all honesty - original game was good fun but lacked some polishing
Puncher D Mar 16 @ 3:18pm 
I'm definitely playing 1 first because even without the nicer graphics it's a finished game, and by the time I'm done with it I'm hoping there will be a lot more progress made on the alpha of SPG2. Also the first game looks a bit simpler to operate and you only need to worry about moving in a flat plane like in Starfleet Command.
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