hochstatterb Feb 15, 2014 @ 8:35pm
Trapped in "Cross"-between Palomar and Observatory
The mission is to destroy three larger ships with the initial mini-gunship with a partner in support. First there is no way to command the partner ship. Second, the only survival options is hit and run as I am small a quick and they are big and have 3x the guns and firepower, but slow. I destroyed one of the big ships and ran for repairs for about the tenth time and when I came back, The enemy ships, (Eucryphia and Bering), like Elvis, had left the building. The followerd the red makers and arrows to their supposed locations but they are off the screen template (my ship disappears from the screen) and you can not see if any progress in being made to catch or locate these two ships. The jump portals will NOT allow you to leave Sector "Cross" for any other sector until the enemy ships are destroyed, but the ships have gone to some distant location and searching every rock and Station fails to cause them to return to the sector. I have destroyed ALL the ememy in Cross and noone is left to fight and I have had to lay down my guns and become a miner. Now there is nothing left to mine!
I don't want to start a new game as it take forever to get enough money to make the little gunship a functioning platform much less actually accumulate enough to buy you way to a cruiser or battleship to battle the big rogues! I have found the game slow, plodding, and frustrating. And I am 67 years old so slowing down is something I understand! I regret the purchase altough the graphics are interesting and creative. Looks like my game ends with me stuck in Cross. If there is no way out, I'm not going back to start over. That's two weeks of battling as the underdog to try and get competitive. I'll go back to Battlefield Vietnam or Civizilation V, and get quicker action and less lock step tedious plodding mindnumbing activities.
So, is there a way out of the mission that has be stuck in Cross, or am I the only one to have encountered this trap.
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BaD-DoG Mar 4, 2014 @ 6:17am 
I know the mission you are on, i didnt seem to have the issue you did. My advice is to just reload the auto save. It should take you back to the JG that you used to enter Cross. From there, you can either try it again. Or, go back trough some of the other sectors, build up some cash, buy a new ship, or at least some heavy upgrades for the "starter" one.
Good Luck
hochstatterb Jun 7, 2014 @ 4:14pm 
Thanks for the feedback. I'll try it again! TY!
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