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demody 2012年10月22日下午6:05
Has anyone got this to work with a mouse? I cannot get the mouse to point the shooter.
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Sd 2012年11月22日下午12:48 
Me neither...
Blips 2012年11月22日下午10:06 
I've had no issue. Post system specs, etc.
Utopia GFR 2013年1月16日下午12:57 
Same here!
But it used to work before...
demody 2013年1月16日下午4:12 
So, my conclusion is that it's not designed for PC use. Only console use.
Sd 2013年1月16日下午4:13 
Now it works, dunno why. I just launched it some days and it worked.
Plaid 2013年3月22日下午10:40 
引用自 demody
So, my conclusion is that it's not designed for PC use. Only console use.

It is a PC exclusive, though probably intended more for dual analog controls as most of these types of games are.
I haven't tried it with a mouse yet though, it could work great.
If it does work well that might help with the hand cramping I get during extended periods with a control pad.
SquidInABox  [开发者] 2013年3月26日下午4:35 
The game is actually designed for Mouse/Keyboard first and controllers second. If the mouse isn't working it's most likely because you have a game pad plugged in that has a wobbly stick which is causing it to steal focus. Try adjusting the deadzones in the settings and see if that helps.
Plaid 2013年3月26日下午7:06 
Yeah, I noticed my mouse cursor was flickering in the menus and the ingame controls would go in and out constantly.
Too many twinstick shooters have ravaged my sticks it seems.

I'll try adjusting the deadzones or just unplug the thing when I want to try the mouse.

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manamissam 2014年1月21日下午5:41 
For anyone still having this issue - it is resolved by uninstalling unnecessary keyboard/mouse/controller drivers. Go to device manager and uninstall all peripherals that are not plugged in (for example logitech virtual keyboard/mouse).
demody 2014年1月28日上午10:01 
TU manamissam. Will check it out.
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