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klkitchens 2012年10月21日下午8:11
"Twin Stick" Requires Gamepad?
Or is preferred keyboard/mouse allowed?
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Mister Grid 2012年10月21日下午8:13 
You can use Mouse+Keyboard.
klkitchens 2012年10月21日下午8:23 
cool, thanks!
DrBrogbo 2012年10月22日上午2:34 
Gamepad works better though, in my opinion. You have much more precise controls.
The_End 2012年10月22日上午9:35 
I can trade dota 2 gift for it..
Plaid 2012年10月23日下午11:09 
The only thing missing from the gamepad control is the ability to customize it.

You can reverse the X/Y axis on both sticks, but it would be nice to be able to swap the Right and Left Stick control (so that Left Stick fires and Right Stick steers the ball), and to swap the R and L triggers, so that L Trigger is Slow Motion and R Trigger is Bomb.
Or let us bind the shoulder buttons instead, as they are a bit more responsive for such commands

Even better would be complete customization, just as the Keyboard and Mouse control gets.
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Daedalus 2012年11月5日上午6:52 
Twin-Stick is more a description of the genre, in that there are two independant directional controls being utilised.

I can see the reason for the confusion though, since that would be a bit unclear to those not familliar with it.
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