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SugarySnax 13 lug 2013, ore 18:59
One of the best things about Waves
The game starts right up. You can skip the Unreal screen and there it is. You are playing in seconds. So many games these days force you to watch all kinds of garbage, force you to sign in to other websites. With Waves you just start playing. No stupid movie. Quitting is just as fast.

Its really arrogant how so many games force so much stuff on gamers.
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Plaid 14 lug 2013, ore 0:04 
haha, agreed.
Other games force us to know who developed the game, published the game, what technology they used and all that legal disclaimer ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ EVERY TIME WE START THE FRICKIN' GAME, and it's all unskippable.

I'm sick of that stuff.
If they'd give us the simple option of pressing a button or key to bypass that and get to the title screen then the community wouldn't have to come up with hacks that allegedly violate the EULA.

idiots, I swear :)
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SugarySnax 16 lug 2013, ore 12:45 
Another thing I really like about Waves is that it doesn't go by the usual formula which is to have you fight through some easy stuff and then present a boss. The boss dies using video game logic. It never makes any real sense. In waves there is no boss. You get more and more circles to kill. The circles then come in different colors and they behave in different ways. They have different strengths. You have to learn all these patterns. After awhile you can manuver through what to most people looks impossible anarchy. Eventually you are fighting against maybe 800 enemies on screen at the same time which is almost unheard of in gaming. All of them are simple, abstract geometric shapes so there's no lag. Most games throw very complicated characters at you and so they have to switch to some kind of boss because if they put more than five of their enemies on screen your computer slows down.

I'll have to get geometry wars one of these days.

Some of the things I don't like about Waves are that you can't start 4 minutes into the game. You are forced to start from the boring beginning each time and that involves the tedious circling and letting things build up strategy or the kill everything as it pops up strategy. Both these things get very old after a thousand plays.
Then there is death by pop up. You've pulled off some incredible turns and avoided a dozen deaths and then you get wiped out by something popping up underneath your ball. You don't even see it. The only way to avoid it is to way off on the perimiter most of the time, but that won't always save you. I hate being on the verge of something fantastic only to be killed by something I didn't see, but I guess that's what keeps me coming back.
Plaid 16 lug 2013, ore 15:57 
Oh man, I recently installed Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved after playing the crap out of Waves, and Geometry Wars just doesn't cut it anymore :D
Waves is the far superior game.
So Sp00ky 17 lug 2013, ore 17:50 
For those games that DO force you to watch all this stuff before you play, go to your game library-properties(of the game you dont want to see all the company logos and stuff)-advanced launch settings. I the box, type "-noslpash" without quotation marks. Boom. Now everytime you start the game, youre straight in the game menu. ALso can help with performance issues with some games as well. :)
Plaid 18 lug 2013, ore 17:24 
does that command work for every game? I thought it was only certain ones.
Pozoro 19 lug 2013, ore 22:37 
Agreed with you. It's just Plug and Play.
Hillsoft 20 lug 2013, ore 4:23 
That command is game specific, but its very common so its worth a try!
Fijut 21 lug 2013, ore 4:03 
I agree I hate how it's very difficult to jump straight into games with recent releases. (especially if they are multiplayer too)
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[CotF] KKiONI 15 ago 2013, ore 18:07 
Waves has this interesting charm I really like. Those tense moments just work so well with the music and effects to give a very satisfying payoff.
unkind 3 set 2013, ore 6:51 
waves <3
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