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possibility of multi-player?
It would be pretty awesome if you could set up a game for two (or maybe more?) in a simple lobby and letting people play together. I'm not sure if this could work logistically, since the game is pretty fast-paced and relies on almost pixel-sized hittests - so any kind of lag would pretty much ruin it.
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Utopia GFR 2013年3月26日下午1:22 
The devs of Geometry Wars : Retro Evolved 2 did it so I believe it could probably be workable.
Lag would maybe be the only issue here.
askanswer 2013年5月12日下午7:12 
It will be totally kickass if they did it.
Dadouda 2013年5月29日上午12:38 
co-op should be good
Ardeomun 2013年9月8日下午10:29 
It would be even better if they could add that functionality to this game.
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正在显示第 1 - 6 条,共 6 条留言
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