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LaughinMann Aug 20, 2014 @ 1:33pm
[i] Initiative - Recruiting - Takistan Life

Well, there isn't really a back story, but I'll create one! Initiative was the first to go, and the first to start! Initiative has been a secret organization for the last couple of decades, we work on a remote island related to Stratis called Kulun, there Initiative practice their aiming, tactics, and all in importantly, acting out scenarios! We at Initiative have been fond of the scenario aspect, we heard of the island called Altis and have yet to colonize our self there, but that day will come, anyway back on track, The leader, LaughinMann has prior knowledge in the tactics of the federal government, and the law enforcement agencies that run the islands, and Takistan itself, LaughinMann has been apart of the Altis Police Department for about 5 months but has taken a vacation to the deserts of Takistan to enjoy the sun, here is where Initiative will have it's new playground.

Let's get down to the information you guys need:
Application Requirements/Rules:

Requirements :

Once accepted you must have your tag on at all times playing at Xenos ( Example : [ i ] - No Spaces LaughinMann )
All applicants must be above the age of 15, exceptions may be made.
Must abide by Xenos Gaming rule standards, and do not break the rules.
Must having a working microphone, and Teamspeak3 with permissions.
Must be mature at times, and have a sense of humor/not take words literally, we joke around!
You must be able to role play, and not argue/spam the side chat in-game.
You must be able to understand English, and be able to type/write English - Does not have to be your main language.
You must be able to follow directions, and be able to think under pressure/under attack basically.

Application Format Basic:

In-Game Name/First Name:
Experiences in a Gang/Team:
Why you want to join Initiative:

Application Format Higher Up:

Needed : Recruitment Officer, Training Officer

In-Game Name/First Name:
Experiences in a Gang/Team:
Why you want to join Initiative's Higher Up's:
How long have you played at Xenos:
Why should I pick you for a Higher Rank:
What previous knowledge do you have of administrative/gang leadership:
Extra Information:

Rank Guide:

Recruits - You are new to the gang, and are learning the ropes on how we work.

Proven Recruits - You have been with us for more than 1 week and have knowledge of how we work, and can show Recruits what to do on their first week.

Street Soldiers - You have gotten out of the Recruit Category and have proven that you are a true member to the gang.

Trusted Member - You really have proven yourself! You have been with us for 2-4 weeks and have full knowledge on how we run.

Right-Hand Man - You have showed that you know how to aim, and operate any vehicle out there! You are our defense, and protectors of the gang.

Recruitment Officers - You question/deal with members that break rules, not active, or anything relating to members.

Training Officers - You train the recruits and teach them the ropes on how we work.

Co-Leaders - You have been with LaughinMann from the start, or have really proven yourself and show that you are dedicated to our gang, and cause.

Leader - The one and only! The boss around here.


Always wear the initiative tag at all times! Exceptions are when not playing Takistan Life
No racism, degrading, or hateful speech!
Listen, and follow directions given by Officers, or the Leader.
Always follow the rules of Takistan Life, and Initiative! Failure to follow will receive a kick!

Gang Relationships/Current Standing

Forgotten Enterprise Of Force

Friendlies/No Conflict
Most Gangs


At War
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