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AustinAtSt Sep 17, 2013 @ 8:29am
All out Naval Warfare
With the update to the oceans, there needs to be larger scale ship on ship battles.

-Transports aircraft around the island and provides a mobile/safe airstrip thats not on the island
- Automated turrets that engage enemy aircraft (CIWS)
-Fully simulated, with working elavtors, boosted takeoffs and rope catches for landing

-Can provide artillery on the island

- Can sink submarines by droping explosive charges

-Can drop oceanic mines

-Can dive deep
-Deploy special forces teams on the mini-subs
-Take down other ships
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Soul Sep 20, 2013 @ 8:10pm 
Even though I completely agree, they're aimed more on land which is why they've never had naval vehicles like this. If you were looking more into things to do with naval, I saw the greenlit game called "Seacraft" which seems pretty nice and does a good ocean and ship simulation, otherwise, people have tried in ArmA 2 things like an airstrip or heli pads with the ship being able to move and nothing worked without exploding. The battleship one is very simple for a modder I'm sure, take the current boat, enlarge it and make their model, add a re-created artillery weapon on it and add the "Artillery Computer" to it. As to a destroyer doing that, just as simple and same with frigates. Submarines I'm sure will be seen soon by the community.
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