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captainwacky91 Jun 13, 2013 @ 4:46pm
OPFOR Armor is baffling: A discussion of the redundancies behind OPFOR cosmetics
I've found OPFOR utilities to appear very overdone. Here's my take:

  • Helmets
    I have no idea what is going on with the helments. The HUD pieces are not transparent, indicating that they are small camera displays in front of the character's eyes, inferring there is a camera feed sending said information to said displays. However, when OPFOR has to modify their vision in some manner (be it with binoculars, a scope, nightvision etc), they place it directly over their "eyes"/HUD pieces.

    I am aware that the HUD pieces are merely cosmetic (and nothing more), but they are supposed to represent something really advanced. OPFOR shouldn't need physical NV goggles cosmetically attached to the helmet, as NV could be built "into" the inferred camera system on the helmet, still to be switched on by player command (so they behave identical to BLUFOR, as to not give a gameplay advantage). Again, from a cosmetics standpoint OPFOR shouldn't even have to bring a scoped weapon to his face, as another camera system mounted to a scope (or integrated into the rifle itself) could feed a visual onto the HUD.

  • Armor/Clothes
    I have no idea what in the hell the underlayer of armor underneath the camo is supposed to be. It looks like an insect exoskeleton around the neck, and the gloves look like something out of the Starcraft universe. I have no idea what the round structures are on the base of the neck, but they appear to look like some sort of oxygen filtration system, suggesting to me that these things might be NBC-proof as well. If this is the case, the current OPFOR models all have exposed faces, thusly creating no seals to protect from an external enviornment. However (still assuming it is a filtration system of some sorts) it also could be a kind of gasmask designed to wear similar to a hoodie. The appearances of breathable meshes on the camouflage would also defeat the purpose of NBC.

  • Colors
    For the moment, it isn't terribly hard to distinguish friend from foe. That being said, OPFOR and BLUFOR camo color schemes do look similar from far away, and I think many can agree that when other factions are included (GREENFOR, Independent, militant civilians, etc) it might be hard to distinguish the two when playing as one of those groups.

  • Summary
    Some OPFOR character models appear too futuristic, and their animations do not accurately reflect cosmetic representations. Some design elements (as of now) are completely unused and seem very "out of place" (filtration system). Easiest solution I see would be to change the character models, as overhauling all the animations would take too much time/money/effort, and having too many animations unique to one group would take up too much space, data-wise. Abilities like displaying gun sights on HUD (without having to physically look down them) could give OPFOR characters too much of an advantage over BLUFOR, further strengthening a cosmetic redesign as the best method for solving this problem.

    Anyway, I want to know what your take is on this. Is Bohemia aware of these oversights? Are they going to stick with this model, and forgo the inconsistencies? Is there simply something I don't know that everyone else knows? All constructive criticisms are welcome!

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Stupid Mercy Main Jun 16, 2013 @ 10:53am 
Maybe there are some oversights on the helmets but what I think is that Bohemia is trying to make them stand apart from BLUFOR and GREENFOR. GREENFOR has a green digital camo while OPFOR has a organic like camo, I don't think it will be too difficult to notice the differences but from a distance maybe. I do agree with the helmet thing where it blocks the user's eyes, that could be an oversight. The filtration system on the back of the helmet seems useless as the character is not wearing a gas mask although I speculate it could be some sort of intake, taking in the air and flowing it through the head to keep it cool as the character might wear the helmet for a prolonged period.
captainwacky91 Jun 16, 2013 @ 7:32pm 
Interesting idea with the air intake being a sort of built in AC unit. Wonder if that would be reflected in the heat signatures....
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