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Shifftie Feb 19, 2014 @ 11:03am
Starting Community
Hey fellow players, I was wondering if anyone was interested in joining me in starting an Altis life community? I know a little about what im doing but i could do with some help to get things moving.

I have a server and teamspeak so half way to getting it going.

Add me if you want to chat
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Brave camper Feb 19, 2014 @ 12:08pm 
sounds like a great idea!! already chatted with you :)
Shifftie Feb 22, 2014 @ 2:11am 
The server has been launched =) Filter Hills Of Cronus
Want to start an Altis life server & community?
Im looking for people who want to start an arma life community

If you own a server already maybe we can work together and share ideas

I need people who want to run and constantly improve the server

Unfortunately i dont know a ton about running an arma life server but i have experience being a mod and running various other games server.
here is a little info on my experience:

I am qualified PC engineer
I use to work for a Internet service provider company as a network administrator
I have been playing Arma and operation flash points since its been out
and i have been playing arma life for over 2 years.
I use to be a CS:GO server owner
and I have owned, mod, admin on various TS servers
I have built up TS servers from scratch
I know how to set up various games dedicated servers
and I know simple code(not enough to be a pro on arma)
Im a fast learner and hard leader
Im all about organisations

I am able to cover the costs and i have reliable hosting
I need people to help me with the up keep.
people who are mature and professional
Age is not a huge factor but i need people to be mature.

Requirements preferable but dont need to have:
Coding knowledge
server hosting knowledge
team leader
MYSQL knowledge
Admin/Mod experience

Must have requirements
Arma 3 experience (preferably arma life)
ambition and leadership to run a server

Each section will have a sub section
Eg: admin level 1 admin level 2
and so on. depending on a persons role will depend on their permissions and what you can do on the server(EG: making changes)

The server roles will be ranked by the following:




If we can start a successful community and have people donating to cover the cost of the server
all extra money left over will be split to high ranking staff.

My Idea of a host which i have found is the cheapest is
and for a community site :

I havent decided where i want to host this server. But i would like to do some research and see where most arma players come from and maybe host where most players are situated

I have created a TS server. Its still very simple so please join and catch me there:


Please email me at

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