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Dwarden  [開発者] 2013年9月13日 6時32分
News: [DEV branch update on Monday] : + more
ok, as some of you may know the DEV branch gets update at monday (if all goes well)

what some may not know is that DEV branch is now reverted to stable branch which means it's 2-3 weeks backward on fixes ...

and as we fixed already quite bugs and performance issues
(and added some more optimizing (again subtle not superlatives))

then there will be leap ahead of actual 1.0 stable branch ...

i'm definitely quite sorry for this not being already published today ...

so ... now ... i shall go find some shelter ... i hear incoming heavy barrage ...

Our intention is to keep building upon the foundation of Arma 3 in the coming years - similar to how we did it for Arma 2. As with any of the previous games in the series, this launch is just the beginning

So instead, what we are going to do will be similar to Arma 1:
we are going to release the entire Arma 2 library to the community
and allow them create any derivative work within Arma 3.
More details will be announced very soon. ...

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Arma 3 > 総合掲示板 > トピックの詳細
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