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ToxicBullet Jan 5 @ 8:12pm
Looking for a Realism unit?
We are always recuriting we have 2 servers we have a Public and a Training/Organized mission. We like to have mature people to join. We have fun were not to strict just some main rules to follow. We are a Special Forces unit. We have our own modpack with custom unit made uniforms and added Vechicals. We also have an Air Force if you like flying. Come check us out if you wanna just see what were about join our public sever. Fliter 1st SFG or just SFG and it should come up. Our teamspeak is ( ) Thanks.
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Mauler Jan 6 @ 3:26am 
Im 32 years of age and I have been looking for a group such as this. I just checked your teamspeak but no one was online. Look forward to meeting you on teamspeak.
ToxicBullet Jan 6 @ 9:36am 
We're on Teamspeak most of the time but you were on early morning if i'm correct but i think the permissions on the tag you get when you sign into our TS is messed up and you can't see anyone on. There is always someone one either AFK channel or in another if you see no one on just Server hop or add me on steam :) thanks looking foward to meeting you as well.
ReL0ADED Jan 12 @ 7:12pm 
Task Force Black Forest, are website
"teamspeak and information on the website"
Wehrmacht Bunny Jan 12 @ 8:47pm 
I'm 24 years old, does everyone start at a Pvt, even if you have military experience?
ToxicBullet Jan 13 @ 12:09pm 
If you have prior military experience i beleive you'll start off as a Cpl but will have to do one training
ToxicBullet Jan 13 @ 12:13pm 
Originally posted by CHRIS:
Task Force Black Forest, are website
"teamspeak and information on the website"
Please make your own post thanks
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