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ryandunberger Aug 23 @ 8:43pm
hi im new
does the atlis life come automaticly with arma 3 and what is wastland all i have to go on is vids but this game looks sweet
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ever_frost Aug 23 @ 8:46pm 
no is on a sever
and it must do as its a mod so free i guess
Ranger4340 Aug 23 @ 9:02pm 
No both are user made missions so you never have to pay for them, and you join a server you will automaticlly download the files for most missions automaticlly so you dont have to install anything manual (Unless the server uses user created models/assets). Wasteland is a game mode where you kill people and take thier stuff basically, someone who actually plays it could explain what it is better though.
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ryandunberger Aug 23 @ 9:05pm 
o ok thanks :)
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