rwb36  [developer] May 15 @ 7:50am
Cthulhu Saves the World Map Viewer
A fan (Damien Good) made a Cthulhu Saves the World map viewer which we thought we'd share:

To use it, just stick it in your main Cthulhu Saves the World game folder.
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Ackara Jun 24 @ 3:23am 
Ty, will check it out :)
٦Ŋφλμǿᶙﮖ Jul 1 @ 8:00am 
DiegoG510 Jul 10 @ 6:23pm 
Thank you for the Map it would definitely help out.
Noble Phantasm Jul 19 @ 5:02am 
Thank you!
Даже Marshall Lee Aug 8 @ 6:35am 
『Futilizer』 Aug 26 @ 6:44pm 
@rwb36 I do know the game has been out for quite sometime, but I was hoping if you'd be able to comment on if you ever plan on adding achievements?? Please :))
rwb36  [developer] Aug 27 @ 11:16am 
Our next game will have achievements. Our older games will not.
Krogingmad Oct 11 @ 3:58pm 
thats a shame it wont get schievments but gonna look forward to new games
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