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favorite weapon combos
my favorite weapon combo is the carbine machete and the turret
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machete, revolvers, and well placed shot
I'm a big fan of the Bow and the Hammer. Rolling around and doing high damage is pretty nice, but it's awful for Who Knows Where.
Musket and Bow, though I've recently started to take a liking in blowing everything uo with the Calamity Cannon
Hammer, carbine, pike, mortar, fire bellows (this one's really good with the leechade).
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Breakers bow, Thats all i need maybe the pistols in case i get in trouble.... the bows all i need
Spear and Calamity Cannon, once it is upgraded to have homing.
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Spear and Mortar
Mine is the War Machete and Dueling Pistols. Nothing like a good ol' turbo SHHIIINNGG or PRRRIIIINGGG to bulldoze any enemies tht don't own the livin' daylights out of ya. + ranged enemies are easy too. ^_^ heheh :P
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Big fan of the machete and the bow together
Classic Hammer & Bow. I'd say Bow power shots carried me through the game. Very rarely used Q ability.
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