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Kargor Aug 11, 2013 @ 5:51am
Newbie questions...
Ok, there appears to be no manual, and the ingame explanations are somewhat scarce.

I just played through the first(?) area, and got to the "Bastion" area. I actually died twice at one place, and for some reason I just got resurrected where I was and continued right away. How often can this be done? Did I "loose some lives" now? Can I replenish these?

Also, do I "loose a life" when I fall off the edge?

There doesn't seem to be a character display screen at all. Apparently I've got health potions and those black power things that seem to power my skills. How do I know how many I have of these? Are there easy ways to replenish them, or do I just have to hope for enemy loot?

If I'm seeing this correctly, the "spirits" are the bonuses I get from levelups, and I can change them any time I want to? No need to guess what might be useful in the future?

Can I replay previous areas?

Saving: how do I know what has or has not been saved? Like when I got to the Bastion I talked to the narrator guy, placed my core, and built the Arsenal. Then I exited. When I came back, I had to talk to the narrator again, place the core again etc.

About the "beginning of the area", does that mean I have to travel somewhere and come back to be sure things are saved? Can I even travel back from other areas without actually playing them?

About building the arsenal: I just picked that to build first. When do I get to build more buildings?
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morbosfist Aug 11, 2013 @ 9:18am 
You only get two lives, three with a certain tonic from the distillery.

Falling off the edge damages you, but it isn't fatal unless you're already about to die anyway.

You get three health potions and three skill potions by default. Certain tonics can give you five. Enemies drop more rarely and you can find them in certain parts of the levels.



The game has an autosave. Every time you beat a level, or enter/exit a level it saves.

You can always cancel a level early, but all your progress therein is reset,

Each core you find is another building you can make.
bvguthrie Aug 11, 2013 @ 8:29pm 
There is an in-game manual--go to "Help and Options," then "How to play." To add on to what Morbosfist said, if you want to see your character's current xp while in the Bastion, press an attack button; while fighting in levels, your xp, tonics and health will always be displayed at the top left. Current spirits are displayed when you enter a distillery. You can also check them by pressing tab to look at your inventory.
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