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toaster_pimp 2月24日 15時28分
can you sell extra forge pieces?
So I have a couple of weapons fully upgraded, but still have upgrade pieces (ex. something heavy) for them. Is there a way to sell those/trade them in for other pieces/currency?
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Mark 2月26日 0時29分 
I don't think you can.
I've played a few playthroughs on New Game Plus and everything is carried over, money, forge items, weapons, weapon upgrades and drinks in the distillery. But I haven't found a way of selling any upgrade pieces.
toaster_pimp 2月26日 15時07分 
yeah..that's what i was thinking, but thot i'd put the Q out there...thnx.
Pielord 3月1日 15時05分 
I don't think it is possible to get more pieces than there are upgrades. Maybe you aren't late enough in the game to access more upgrades though. Also, no, there is no way to sell anything.
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toaster_pimp 3月2日 6時17分 
cool, thnx all.
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