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Hershel Layton 2013年7月23日下午2:42
My favourite indie game.
Thank you, Q Games (yes, p0rk1ns, you too) for this beautiful, creative title. It's my favourite indie game now! I just passed a million points, too :)
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p0rk1ns  [开发者] 2013年7月24日上午2:10 
Thanks! Showed everyone this in our group chat this morning. I think it was probably the best way for us to start our Hump Day! lol. Glad you're enjoying Eden! Also my fav, btw. ^_^
Hershel Layton 2013年7月24日上午9:30 
*Anticipates PixelJunk Inc*
Shadow Enz 2013年7月26日上午2:30 
I've said it a million times before on other threads, on other forums, on the playstation forums, but THANK YOU Q GAMES!

Cannot wait for more, about to get Monsters for the 3rd time when it releases on Vita, and I will not hesitate to grab it a 4th time, or other PJ games when/if they release on STEAM!

And you guys always get some amazing soundtracks for games. And I do not say that lightly.
p0rk1ns  [开发者] 2013年7月27日上午9:20 
Thanks, Kenshin! Stay tuned for more ;-)
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