Wooper Dooper 6. Jan. 2013 um 19:46 Uhr
Keyboard controls?
I'm starting to get really frustrated with how difficult it is to figure out the controls for the keyboard. Can anyone tell me quite simply what basics like jump/float left/float right/swing/drop attack are? I really wish there was something helpful in the options menu, or even online - I seriously cant find anything that helps me. Thanks in advance!
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Br0chure 7. Jan. 2013 um 19:41 Uhr 
I'd seriously advise just grabbing a wireless x360 controller w/ adapter. Sooo much easier. And works great with many other games
Wooper Dooper 7. Jan. 2013 um 20:00 Uhr 
Well I already play it that way - it's just not always easy to have the controller with me so I was hoping to perfect the keyboard skills. Thanks though :)
uzersk 8. Jan. 2013 um 19:27 Uhr 
I started with a controller then realized it's actually simpler, easier, and probably more accurate with the mouse in my opinion. No keyboard controls required at all. What kind of trouble are you having?
p0rk1ns  [Entwickler] 13. Feb. 2013 um 1:38 Uhr 
Hey guys,

Personally, when playing without a 360 controller I just use the mouse. You don't actually need the keyboard for anything. As for the controls, under the default controls the left mouse button jumps and, if held down, guides your Grimp in the air. The right mouse button controls your silk, which you can use to get to hard to reach areas and collect pollen. You can also adjust the length of the silk with your mouse wheel. As you play you'll unlock a drop attack that's executed by pressing both mouse buttons in the air.

Hope this helps!
ponderbear 18. Juli 2013 um 11:21 Uhr 
super helpful!
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