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PixelJunk Eden

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Bahuemac 2. des., 2013 @ 11:46
is this game difficult? are there time-based challenges? ever since my time on the PSN ive always had one eye or another on the Pixel Junk series, i consider trying it, but i dont play too many puzzle-platformers, and when they get challenging to some frustrating level i quickly stop playing them. i prefer games that blend good music, style and gameflow without torturing me too much with brain-melting puzzles or finger-twitching platforming. i dont mind if its there to some degree, i just dont like it being total hardcore, i never plan on spending countless hours on the few puzzle-platformers i play, im more interested in the overall experience and would like to be able to finish the game within one lifetime and without having grown gray hairs or come up with several heart attacks.

so, will this game torture me, or is it rather relaxing? ive looked up metacritics but the reviews there dont say too much.


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p0rk1ns 2. des., 2013 @ 16:52 
Thanks for the question!

Hmm, difficulty level... Well, I'd say that all of the PixelJunk games can offer up a challenge at some point. They are all pretty easy to get into, but the difficult can ramp up quickly at times. (see: PixelJunk Monsters).

Personally, I think Eden walks the thin line of providing a relaxing gameplay experience but still provides a challenge. Eden is all about exploring the Gardens (levels) at your own pace. And while this is a timed experience, as you play you'll learn how to earn more time with combos and understand how to manage the time better.

I think the PC version is superior to the PS3 version, also. The mouse controls feel more natural than the controller ones, IMHO. The PC version also add a quick warp feature which teleports you back to a previous position - extremely useful after having fallen to the bottom of the level!

Endy73 3. des., 2013 @ 13:27 
It's a very relaxing and slow paced game for me. I think if you're about collecting all achievements then there will be challenge.
Bahuemac 20. des., 2013 @ 9:51 
thanks for the info. just a small heads up: i bought the game during the autumn sale. dunno when i will be playing it, there is plenty of stuff in my library i wanna try out or continue, but i'll soon give it a shot.
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