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New Boss / Terrain Idea
I really love this game, and I got to thinking, what if they added some sort of teleportation machine that allowed you to go into the past and the future. You travel back to the Jurassic Age and fight Dinosaurs that exceed the deadliness of anything currently in game, with new areas and places to loot, with gear better then pumpkin/frost moon. I'm assuming a good boss would be A T-Rex or something with some kind of ridiculous ranged capability and godlike melee damage. The future would be even harder, consisting of aliens and space colonies and all sorts of good stuff, but it would contain the best loot and gear of all (For some reason I was typing and my computer decided to delete half of this and I did lose a few ideas). I'm assuming that maybe the teleporter crafting material would be made of A drop from a pumpking, ice queen, and a new type of hard mode dungeon boss, and maybe even a new hardmode hell boss, such as Hades or something. I dunno. Someone please help me expand my thoughts a bit here. I think it'd be amazing if they released some new content. And this razorpine is amazing, so thanks terraria.
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The Lunar update, 1.3, is supposed to include some spacey, possibly alien stuff (moon boss, Space Dolphin Machine Gun, Portal gun).

I do hope they eventually implement some sort of third mode (Normal/Hardmode/?) since everything in the game is pretty much trivial at this point. I'd like future content to be about more *varied* loot, and not simply about *better* loot, since it's great to have options and boring to simply have to use the one clear best piece of loot out there for everything. It would make for a more varied endgame too; it's not all that productive to keep making the current endgame obsolete by simply adding a new tier every content update.

The nature of the content could be anything, though. We could speculate for years and never come anywhere close to whatever they'll be creating.
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nice ideas
Esran Jan 31, 2014 @ 9:36am 
Adding on to your ideas, in the past, there could be labyrinths of caves cavemen have made that can stash loot, such as clubs, talon claws, potion ingredients, spell books that can cause effects such as falling bones, or summoning a dinosaur pet that increases melee power significantly. In the future, you would need a pair of wings to even think about traveling. The land would consist entirely of flying colonies aliens have made. You can explore mother ships to obtain probing weapons, meteor summoning spells, an item that summons a UFO that allows an infinite slow falling/ gravitation potion effect. Both the past and future would provide at least one new NPC, like a caveman that can make a reference to cave story, or an alien that makes references to E.T. They should also add a portal to heaven, where nothing fights you, but good loot is dificult to find.
Esran Jan 31, 2014 @ 9:37am 
Also subscribed for future ideas.
troy_cummings Jan 31, 2014 @ 3:32pm 
Meh, I don't really like the idea. With the idea you're proposing, there would be an endgame armor? Like, the best of the best? I don't really like that idea- if there was ONE variant of the best armor, then it'd be pretty boring. Like, with 1.2, you have the 3 variants of the Chlorophyte armor (Spectre, Turtle, and plain Chlorophyte.) that help each fighting style. That means players can be more customized with their armor, but with your idea, everyone has 1 type of armor at the very end of the game.
@Troy what I meant was different much harder to achieve versions of Spectre, Turtle, and Mushroom armor.
Luv you guys <3
troy_cummings Jan 31, 2014 @ 9:06pm 
Originally posted by The Emo Toaster Who Couldn't:
@Troy what I meant was different much harder to achieve versions of Spectre, Turtle, and Mushroom armor.

Even so, the Spectre/Turtle/Mushroom armor is already high in defense and buffs/bonuses. If there was another, better version of those, they'd have to buff all the monsters in the game to make it still have some difficulty, or add another "hardmode."
That's what I think they should do. an epicmode or something. I understand where you're coming from.
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