Age of Empires® III: Complete Collection
MS Ryz0n  [developer] Dec 19, 2012 @ 12:15pm
Running Age of Empires III & Common Gameplay FAQ
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  • Steam and Age of Empires III are asking for administrator access, is this normal?
    Age of Empires III was created prior to UAC and the vista / windows 7 security model. Steam will require administrative access to install Age of Empires III, and the game will require administrative access to run properly.
  • Why does Age of Empires III changes the Windows Color scheme to Basic when running?
    On newer operating systems, Age of Empires III needs to run in Compatibility mode for XP SP3. Because of this, it will disable the Aero visual style while running.
  • Where is my CD key for Age of Empires III?
    Your CD key is visible prior to launching the game on steam, as well as in a popup-overlay when launching the game. You can manually see it by right clicking on the game in your Steam library and selecting “View Game CD Key”.
  • Can I activate a retail copy of Age of Empires III on Steam?
    Unfortunately Retail copies cannot be activated on Steam.
  • Where are saved games and campaigns stored for Age of Empires III: Complete Collection?
    • Saved games are located in your documents or “My Documents” folder, by default (depending on OS) C:\Users\%YOU_USERNAME%\Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3
    • Saved games will not automatically transfer in the cloud between systems.
  • I’m running Age of Empires III on a different computer user account than it was installed, but am having issues. Will it work?
    To play AOEIII on a user account other than the one it was installed on, you may need to launch directly from the steamapps folder as administrator to get access to all features. Navigate to the install directory, right click “age3.exe”, “age3x.exe”, or “age3y.exe” and select “Run as Administrator”.
  • Can I use my retail ESO account to log in to Age of Empires III on Steam?
    Age of Empires III on Steam provides you with a unique key to create a new ESO account, however if you already have an ESO account you'd prefer to use - you may log into ESO with that account.
  • How do I chat to all players in a multiplayer game?
    Start your chat message with a * and your message will be sent to all players.
  • How do I repair my buildings?
    Select the building and click on the repair button in the bottom right of the interface. Note this button may not be active if you do not have enough resources to repair, or if the building is under attack.
  • How do card bonuses stack?
    We apply all the percentages to the base rate not the modified rate.
    • If your gathering rate is 0.5 and you get a 15% bonus, it becomes 0.575. Easy enough.
    • However, if you get an additional 15% bonus, it does not affect 0.575, but it is calculated based on 0.5 and then added to the existing bonus. So getting three different 15% bonuses would increase gathering from 0.5 to 0.725 (0.075 added three times) rather than 0.760 (which is what you get if you keep multiplying the product by 15%).
    • The reasons we do this are a little arcane, but they allow you to apply both addition and multiplications to rates without worrying about the order of operations.
  • Can two teammates send the same Team card?
    Two teammates using the same Civ should are not able to send the same team card. But you can send both the team and non-team versions of a card, see above for how they stack.
  • Can we play with three teams in a game?
    No, at this time you can only play 2 team or Free for all games.
  • How did you chose which civs make it into the game?
    There is no simple formula to how we choose to include a civ. It's a mixture of:
    • Historical relevance
    • Uniqueness
    • Fan expectations
    • Global prominence
    • Designer bias
    • Art time

    We wanted to have the civs players expected, like the Spanish, but also to throw in some curve balls. The Ottomans and Germans were quite powerful during the time period and easily could have come to the New World with different leadership (as could a dozen other nations).
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