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MS Ryz0n Dec 19, 2012 @ 12:07pm
Server Status, Multiplayer FAQ & Troubleshooting
This article contains ESO Server Status, Connectivity Information, ESO Accounts & Multiplayer FAQ

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View the ESO Online Gaming Policy[]

Ensemble Studios Online (ESO) Service & Connectivity

  • Weekly AOEIII ESO server maintenance occurs Tuesday at 10AM – 12PM Pacific
  • If the service appears to be down, I frequently provide updates during downtime via twitter: @RChaply. If no current downtime is listed, feel free to tweet at me!
  • Do I need to allow AOEIII as an exception to my firewall?
    Yes, Age of Empires III should be added as an exception in your local firewall for improved connectivity. Forwarding the necessary ports on your router is also highly recommended (see below).
  • What ports are required for Age of Empires III?
    The following ports are required for Age of Empires III, and manually port forwarding them is recommended for improved internet connectivity. To manually override the ports AOEIII uses to connect, please see this link[].
    • 2300-2310 TCP
    • 2300-2310 UDP
    • 80 TCP & UDP
  • I get “Invalid IP Address” when attempting to connect to ESO or join games.
    Power cycle the PC and router. If that does not resolve the issue, additional troubleshooting steps can be found at this link[]
  • I get “failed to Join” when attempting to connect to a game
    This error can occur if any individuals in a group have connectivity issues. Troubleshooting varies depending on software, hardware, and network configurations, however the following are important to check:
    • Verify Age of empires III is an exception in local firewalls
    • Verify the required ports are forwarded on the router (See Above)
    • Restart System & Routing Equipment
    Additional information and troubleshooting tips can be found here[] and here []
  • I receive an Out of Sync (OOS) error while playing multiplayer games
    This can be caused by several things.
    • Make sure you do not have any mods installed, or have not modified any game files.
    • If you have a corrupt installation, game mods, etc, remove the mods and re install the game through steam.
    • If the game is going out of sync late game (generally when you're about to win), and the system incorrectly reports a loss, the opponent may intentionally be 'droptricking'. If this is the case, report the user by utilizing the Age of Empires support ticket system at It is considered a form of cheating.

Ensemble Studios Online (ESO) Accounts & Multiplayer FAQ

  • NEVER give out your ESO account password and do NOT share ESO accounts.
    Some providers have trouble receiving password resets, including @comcast, @sbcglobal, @aol, and @aim email addresses. It is not recommended to use them when creating an ESO account.
  • How do I create an online account?
    Ensemble Studio Online (ESO) accounts for Age of Empires III can be created from within the game. From the main menu of the game or expansion, select “Multiplayer” followed by “ES Online”. The next screen will have a button that says ‘new account?’ . Simply select that and fill in the information to create your account.
  • How many ESO accounts may I have?
    Each copy of Age of Empires III: Complete Collection on Steam may have 1 ESO account. A single account works on the game and both expansions.
  • Can I change my name, delete and restart my account, or reset my stats?
    ESO account names cannot be changed, deleted, or reset after creation.
  • How do I request a password reset, change my ESO account email, or recover a forgotten username?
    Visit and use the ESO account tools to make account settings changes. You may need your PID to reset the password. The PID can be found in game. From the main menu select “Help and tools” followed by “About”.
  • I forgot my password and have a new email, or I need advanced account verification and recovery.
    For advanced ESO account recovery, create a support ticket by visiting with as much of the following information as possible. While not all is required, the more information you can provide, the quicker the recovery process will be.
    • ESO Name
    • Age3 PID (You can find it in game under “help and tools” => “about”)
    • Hint question/answer
    • Date you created the account
    • Date you last accessed the account
    • The external / public IP address used to create the account. You should be able to use a site like to find the address we would see.
    • The MAC address of the machine that created the account.
    • Old email address
    • New email address
  • Clans, Friends, and Power Rankings – see this article[] for more information
  • Some behavior to avoid (and may result in account bans)
    • Offensive, racist, or vulgar account names, clans, game names, chat room names, or chat speech
    • Harassing other players or moderators
    • Cheating / hacking in games
    • Cheating on in-game ladders (point trading)
    • Intentionally freely losing games to devalue rank
    • Leaving games prior to completion with the intent of avoiding a rating decrease
    • Impersonating employees / moderators
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