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Game Installation and General Questions FAQ
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  • I have Windows 7 / Windows 8; can I play Age of Empires III on Steam?
    Age of Empires III does not officially support windows 7 or 8, however most users able to successfully play on the operating system after installing right through steam, we also run them on the OS in the office (x32 and x64 variants). Unfortunately we cannot provide official support for Age of Empire III on Windows 7 or 8.
  • What are the system Requirements for Age of Empires III on Steam?

    • Microsoft® Windows® XP
    • PC with 1.4 Ghz equivalent or higher processor that supports SSE
    • 256 MB of system RAM
    • 4.0 GB available hard disk space
    • 64 MB video card with HT&L
    • DirectX 9.0c or above
  • Is Age of Empires III available for the Mac on Steam?
    Age of Empires III is only available for PC on Steam at this time.
  • Why is the Steam Overlay not visible in-game?
    UAC will prevent by default the Steam overlay from running as administrator, and thus it can't appear over AOE 3 (which may ask for admin to run). In most cases you can get the steam overlay to function by exiting Age of Empires III, fully exiting Steam, and then launching Steam as Administrator.
  • Will I need Games for Windows Live to run Age of Empires III: The Complete Collection? Are there achievement points?
    Age of Empires III does not require Games for Windows Live, and there are no achievement points available.
  • Do I need 3 CD keys for Age of Empires III: Complete Collection?
    Unlike the retail packaging of AOEIII: Complete Collection, you only need to input the CD key when launching the core Age of Empires III game to activate both expansions. Each Steam CD key will allow for one online multiplayer account.
  • What language localizations are available for Age of Empires III on steam?
    *Update 3/62013*
    Additional languages are here! Users are now able to right click on the game in the Steam library, go to properties, and visit the language tab. The full localization list includes:
    - English
    - French
    - German
    - Italian
    - Spanish
  • Where can I find game manuals for Age of Empires III: Complete Collection?
    I hope you like reading! The full game manuals for AOEIII and the expansions can be found At this link[].
  • If I have Age of Empires III or the Demo Installed, do I need to reinstall it through steam?
    If you are getting a new copy through Steam or already have the demo on your computer, it is recommended to first uninstall AOEIII from your system to ensure a smooth installation process of the game through Steam, and to allow you to create a new ESO account if you wish.
  • Do I need to download any patches or update for Age of Empires III?
    Age of Empires III: Complete Collection on Steam is fully updated, no additional patches are necessary.
  • Where is Age of Empires III: Complete Collection Installed to?
    It can be found in your default steam installation directory. Usually it is the following for 32 bit systems: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Age Of Empires 3
  • What are some common troubleshooting tips?
    Computer games can function differently on different systems because of different software and hardware configurations. These steps should be taken before playing Age of Empires III to ensure that you are playing on a stable system.
    • Make sure that your video card, sound card, and network card drivers, as well as router firmware are up to date. Visit your manufacturer's website for more information.
    • When you install the game be sure to turn off any anti-virus software, and make sure the game is not blocked by any security software while you are playing online.
    • A clean boot can often resolve problems. (US MS support article[])
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