silencer0 2012年11月25日 8時43分
Do you have to play the expansions seperately with the complete edition?
Is the complete edition option supposed to open only aoe3 standard or load both expansions as well? or do you have to play them seperately?
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.Rikzo A wobabobbob 2012年11月25日 9時39分 
i would like to know too, because i cant see them anywhere on mine i only have the original towns and units.
sunrisenknight 2012年11月25日 9時56分 
If you launch from your Steam library (instead of the desktop or start menu icon), it brings up a dialogue where you select which of the three games you want to play.
MS Ryz0n  [開発者] 2012年11月26日 14時21分 
Right click on the game in your library and you can choose to launch the core game or expansions.
You'll want to launch the core game first at least once to get the CD key in for multiplayer, but after that you can access everything (all 3 campaigns) from TAD, the newest expansion.
Carnage 2012年12月2日 13時04分 
So how do I change my desktop shortcut to open TAD automatically?
=|Lexx|= 2012年12月3日 4時44分 
create a new shortcut of the aoe3y.exe from the installation directory (something like Steam\SteamApps\common\ ... )
最近の変更は=|Lexx|=が行いました; 2012年12月3日 4時44分
Carnage 2012年12月3日 6時34分 
Dose Anyone else see the ridiculous irony in having to 'add a non-steam game' to steam to play a steam game correctly and with ease?... Looking at you MS Ryz0n... Even after removing GFWL (having GFWL attached to a game will make it not worth playing to me) MS is still giving me the s#!ts... well at least they are consistent in one area...
tom0bailey 2012年12月9日 2時44分 
I downloaded the "complete collection" last week. I am having real problems with the home cities. I only have access to the chinese (through asian dy.) and spanish (through the core version) civilisations. Can anyone help me out as to what I need to do to be able to play as other civilisations? Any help would be greatly appreciated
=|Lexx|= 2012年12月9日 6時51分 
Try Skirmish Game-play. Create a homecity and select the nation. There should be enough to choose (usually)
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