SeattleTownDoggz Nov 6, 2012 @ 9:23pm
I need friend's on steam and only have 1 friend so far but need more, if you play age of empires online and can add me as a friend on steam that would be great thanks=) msg me sometime so we can chat. thank you very much(: hope to see you out on the battle field hahaha!=)
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Garmonbozia81 Nov 7, 2012 @ 9:26am 
Good luck with your friend search. :) You might also find people to play with in our forums, although they may not all be Steam players.
SeattleTownDoggz Nov 7, 2012 @ 9:53am 
Thank you so much Garmonbozia81=)
glau912 Nov 30, 2012 @ 2:40pm 
Add me in Friend list pls. i am at level 13 only.
My Game for Windows Live Gamertag: glau912
mike4314 Dec 21, 2012 @ 10:04am 
Add me to friends as well Windows live gamertag: GapingBhole
Level 40 greek and leveling norse atm this can go the same to you glau912
pauloqep Dec 22, 2012 @ 3:45pm 
add me to, i am on the beginning, but i love the game
gauravaadityakulkarni Jan 14, 2013 @ 2:45am 
Can anyone please tell me how to add friends? I really want to play AOEO . Please add me, I am a beginner but with help I can get ahead in the game. Thanks
gauravaadityakulkarni Jan 14, 2013 @ 2:54am 
My Gamerstag is VanishedTuna7
JackChan Jan 19, 2013 @ 5:40pm 
my live name is JackRisk, add me please :)
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