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Lostedge 2013年4月13日上午6:47
Not worth it ...
I am not sure if I bought this game when it was on bargain for lesser price, but it still is not worth it. The game is very short. It has around 6 different puzzles, maybe 15 different spots you can click and 3 different rooms (I am not talking about levels ... as it is basically just one level)

This game is currently a rip off. It needs to be at least ten times longer, and they need to adjust the difficulty of some puzzles. I can imagine that some people can not get past the first room without using a walkthrough as it can be pretty hard. On other hand few of the puzzles are too easy, and you can finish them with luck or just using all variations.

The game controls are also clunky and slow. Moving from spot to spot is slow ... luckily there are only few different spots you can even move to. It is also a flash game. The game ends before it even starts. If it was longer, I could recommend it ... but 5 minutes gameplay just does not do it for me.

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PersonaNonGrata 2014年3月15日上午11:48 
Rip off and scam are words so much overused. When game is on sale then it's worth the price. By sale I mean deep discount. I played this with my girl and we enjoyed it.
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