CaterinaAbrahim 2013年9月18日下午8:28
I need help with the game.
Good night, someone could help me with a problem in episode 1?
And soon after that assemble and test the radio tower, and realized that he is no power but I already tried everything to recaregalo, including dialogues someone could help me?
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CaterinaAbrahim 2013年9月18日下午8:31 
Sorry the correct is: "I ​​already tried everything to recharge"
Deadlylag 2013年9月19日下午9:25 
IIRC you need to go back to the time capsule. On top of the set there are three cylinder. Take the left and right out and the middle one will pop out. Take the batteries off the radio.Use the batteries on the middle to recharge.
CaterinaAbrahim 2013年9月19日下午9:27 
Really, thanks for the info.
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