Dimius from the beyond 2013年1月20日下午9:07
Weird translation mistakes
I was playing the game in Russian. There voice actors did a mediocre job, and there were so many person to person identification mistakes, as if the actors did their voices, totally unaware to which gender they were supposed to talk to. I hope they do a better job in the future.
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Andorxor 2013年5月28日下午12:47 
The voice acting is great in the original language.
amok 2013年6月10日上午8:54 
The English version leaves a lot to be desired too. Some lines are just wrong, or use obscure words. Sometimes the subtitles come up in German or Russian. Daedalic need to put more work into their translations.
FluffySnuffy 2013年7月12日上午11:02 
Voice acting is not so great in the original aswell. They read the lines in separately and you notice a lot a different tone or way of saying than the scene intends. It's clear at times that the voice actors didn't see the scene or knew the context and just read the script with the hints of expression given.

They need to improve on that.
HellGhost 2013年7月18日上午9:24 
In French, I sometimes have French text but German voices.
Never understand why...
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Chaz 2013年8月1日下午4:06 
Some of the voice acting did not match the on screen text in english either.
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