Chezz ☯LoW 2012年12月12日下午1:47
2012 21dec
this ♥♥♥♥ just make's me more terifide about the 21 dec
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MasacruAlex 2012年12月12日下午1:54 
N3LA 2012年12月12日下午3:18 
The 21st of December will be like any other day.
MasacruAlex 2012年12月12日下午4:40 
ChunkyMonkey 2012年12月13日上午12:26 
Nothing catastrophic or unusual will take place on 21st unless someone actually creates a self fulfilling prophecy and does something bad. I believe everythign will be ok because if something bad were coming the rich people would be up and arms about it and everyone else would see that they are either migrating or buidling shelters, or stop investing money into things. But everything is normal.
BEANZILLA 2012年12月13日上午12:32 
This game has the RANDOMEST threads.
Morosi 2012年12月16日上午9:51 
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sugarbeez 2013年1月6日上午5:35 
nothing happened (so far^^)
Chezz ☯LoW 2013年1月6日上午8:16 
MasacruAlex 2013年1月6日上午9:38 
Pff ^
ChunkyMonkey 2013年1月9日下午11:35 
Well, that was a relief. But if you're wondering, the people who really believe it and refuse to accept nothing happened will now claim that something we "do not see" has began. Like some process began and from now we allgedly will have more disasters or Nibiru, planet x, turd in space will fly by, anything bad they'll attribute to prediction on dec 21
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