Super Monday Night Combat

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super mnc store codes
by snot
by regaulity
SMNC Classic and Rare Cosmetic Database. Covers all cosmetic pieces that don't appear in the in-game store....
A Beginner's Guide to the Combat Girl
by Bramimond
An introductory guide to the Combat Girl. This guide contains basic information on her weapons, abilities, and general strategies, without assuming that the player already has intermediate or advanced knowledge of Super MNC. It is assumed, however, that y...
"That friggin' Vet" or How to Ka-Claw everyone to death.
by Republican Double
Do you like wrestling? Do you like grappling? Do like annoy the crap outta people? Do you like being credit to team? Maybe you like Dota's Pudge? Then Veteran's the one for you! *I'm a really bad coach (tutor, teacher, whatever), so this guide may be not...
HarryButchers' Karl Guide
by HarryButchers
This guide will give you an insight on some of the basic and advanced fundamentals of playing Karl in a competitive environment....
How not to suck at Blitz
by Professional Spycrab Hunter
Blitz is currently one of the two modes you're likely to get a game in, and also the only one you can play solo without looking pathetic. If you think Blitz is just shooting at bots, you still have a lot to learn. This guide will teach you how to last lon...
The Complete Idiot's Guide Against Commandos
by Lux Interior
A comprehensive guide on dealing with enemy commandos, intended for new and intermediate players. Generic advice and details for each pro, including commandos, on how to survive and kill enemy commandos....
Going Commando: Newbie's Guide
by Grilleds
A very basic guide explaining the basics of being a commando in SMNC. Basically....
Basic Support Guide
by Grilleds
Some basic tips for playing Support, as well as a few think-outside-the-box firebase locations. More applicable to Turbocross than Super Crossfire, but most of the tips should be useful there as well....
Kvalheim presents: Combat Girl
by ScarletCatalie
CG main Kvalheim teaches you everything you could ever want to know about everyone's favourite Cat-slingin', Laser tossin' Southern gal!...