Kirby's back 2012年10月2日 17時09分
Is it still unbalanced?
I LOVED this game. Until I realized how overpowered the Hierarchy was. Is it still so one-sided?
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Rmag37 2012年10月3日 15時10分 
I never felt the heirarchy was OP. That said, i dont think the games been patched since it released so probably.
Augz 2012年10月17日 18時00分 
The game was patched, but last patch was 2k8... little out of date. Heirarchy is powerful, but no moreso than the others can be, I would guess that you may have wanted to utilise different tactics, as your unit selection against them can be pivotal (as well as research trees, obviously)
Vermoin 2013年8月5日 10時40分 
I find Hiercrhy to be underpowered, acually. Most likely do to my stupidity, but I run out of reacorces for them so fast because building a single grunt costs like, 500, where a walker costs 2000. Plus, with the right strategy, walkers are easily to be able to be destroyed.
CreamOfWeber 2013年9月28日 0時46分 
This game is perfectly balanced.
CreamOfWeber 2013年10月27日 23時38分 
Good luck bringing down my walkers before they decimate your entire army with radiation.
kasixLv 2013年11月19日 12時54分 
Get Mirabel and some troops. Send troops before hero so the walkers attack them. Then use hero and units special abilities and there you got a dead walker. It's standart procedure for Novus guerilla army. And also try to eleminate walkers as fast as you can and try rush enemy base, so you get unarmed walkers.
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