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Shank 2 Official Soundtrack
por gatto_nero
Shank 2 Official Soundtrack
[EN/RU] Shank 2 - Costumes/Костюмы
por Overbolt
In this tutorial I will show you how to open all the costumes Shank 2 and their bonuses. ...
Shank 2 weopons, instructions and co-op strategies
por najithesilent
in this guide,i will tell you some co-op strategies and about weopons....
Surviving the Survival mode
por Gea Force
Your partner is down, A bomber is about to blow your last supply station, a couple of fat guys with a flamethrowers doesn't let you deactivate the bomb, you're about to die but your 40 oz tequila still has 20 seconds of cooldown left... Why did everything...
Русификация Shank 2
por HardRock2
Русификация игры Shank 2...
روش بازی شانک دو
por AliGame
روش شکست دادن باس های این بازی...
闪克2 成就心得
por +7
Shank 2 - Badge Guide
All 'Shank 2' Badges which you can earn by crafting a set of 'Shank 2' trading cards....
Shank 2 Achievement Guide [ING]
por Válter | The Medic | PT
Hello guys, So today bringing some Shank 2 Achievement, i will start with only 2 and updating the guide when i finish others achievements. Hope you guys like. PS: If you have any tips, comment below :)...
How to unlock the secret character
por Blytz
In this short guide I will show you how to unlock the secret character for Survival Mode...