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[EN/RU] Shank 2 - Costumes/Костюмы
por Overbolt
In this tutorial I will show you how to open all the costumes Shank 2 and their bonuses. ...
Shank 2 weopons, instructions and co-op strategies
por najithesilent
in this guide,i will tell you some co-op strategies and about weopons....
Surviving the Survival mode
por Gea Force
Your partner is down, A bomber is about to blow your last supply station, a couple of fat guys with a flamethrowers doesn't let you deactivate the bomb, you're about to die but your 40 oz tequila still has 20 seconds of cooldown left... Why did everything...
闪克2 成就心得
por +7
对《Shank 2》成就的说明,及部分成就的心得。...
Русификация игры "Shank 2"
por HardRock2
Русификация игры Shank 2...
Русификатор для Shank 2
por MAR!O
Ссылка на скачивание и инструкция по установке. --- Данное руководство содержит 2 варианта русификатора: 1.Текст, 2.Видеоролики (Текст)....
Достижения/Achievement Shank 2 [RU/ENG]
por Holesimus
Краткое руководство на русском и анлийском языках. Quick Start/Short Guide in English and Russian languages....
روش بازی شانک دو
por AliGame
روش شکست دادن باس های این بازی...
How to unlock the secret character
por Blytz
In this short guide I will show you how to unlock the secret character for Survival Mode...
Shank 2 Official Soundtrack
por gatto_nero
Shank 2 Official Soundtrack