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Dagor Jan 26 @ 9:55am
Hi all guys.
As title. How is the longevity? I know that is not much longer but is more or less long-lived of the first chapter?
Thanks in advance.
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Depends on how much you enjoy it. I've poured in over 300 hours in it through speedrunning, but I've known other people who don't like it as much.
justinsprenkle***** Mar 30 @ 5:56pm 
Fortunately I picked it up on a sale because I installed it today and finished it today. Maybe 3 hours total played? Now I did play the first so had a good feeling for combo's and gameplay (and played on normal), but I was a bit disappointed with how fast it went. The original was short, this one felt even shorter. Worth a little $, but I probably wouldn't recommend it at normal price.
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