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Godofhellfire 31 юли 2013 в 5:46 сутринта
My subjective thoughts of the game!
Just a few thoughts of this historically worthly, but for the gameplay a bit clumsy adventure: You play as an SS-officer, who works and helps the people around Stauffenberg (operation Valkyre) and wants to kill The Fuhrer in his airplane (operation Adlerhorst) at the end of the war. The sights are Berlin and Adlerhorst, and inside them there are 6 different location: they are beautiful arranged with a lot of intention of historical and political correctness for this time. The animations instead are clumsy, people looking to other directions as they are interacting and so on; and they move so slowly - what a pity!
There are some black-and white cutscenes in comic strips which are tellling you the background, and there are swastikas, "heil hitlers" and so on - that's why the language is picked with German expressions, maybe you have to know a little bit of history to get the touch of this story and penible arrangements!
At the beginning you can choose, if you want to play in sepia, black and white or colour - nice feature. The sound, music and atmosphere is okay, a little bit variety would not have been bad!
The puzzles: mostly they are finding objects, getting them in your inventar, combining them or using them with someone or something - but there are exceptions: once you play a short episode in the past with your own decisions (that was great), another time you have to encode a message or try to avoid the lights in a arcade-like scene. And you have to play poker, but it's very unrealistic, your enemies nearly do not quit.
And another thing which is really annoying: every sentence needs to be "clicked away" in order to continue with the talk, ahh. If you like loading screens then you are at the right place: they appear often.
One feature I have to tell you: in the first half of the game, you can decide if you choose your uniform or normal clothes -> through this you get different informations whatever clothes you wear!

Overall I liked the game for its intense historical story, I played about 12 hours or so (but sometimes there had to be a glimpse look in the walkthrough, because some puzzles are unlogical). And there is a sequel - but only for those who understand Russian!
Stroke of Fate: Operation Valkyrie > Общи дискусии > Подробности за темата
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