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ArtRage  [developer] Oct 9, 2013 @ 5:41pm
ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5.8 Update.
We've just uploaded an update to ArtRage Studio Pro. This update contains two important changes:

1 - Steam DRM Removed - CD Key Required.

We have removed the Steam DRM requirement from the product. This means that you can now launch the application without Steam running.

The first time you launch the new version you will be asked to enter your serial number to unlock the product. This can be found in the ArtRage section of your Steam Library by clicking the 'CD Key' option. Copy the CD key and you can paste that in to the product Unlock panel, after which time you should be able to run the application without Steam by launching the .exe/Application directly depending on your platform.

2 - Tablet Support Changes.

We've made some adjustments to tablet support to better support Windows OS level tablet handling (Realtime Stylus) in situations where multiple tablet devices with different pressure ranges are plugged in to a single machine. If you are using one of the new Sony Vaio devices and have found that strokes in ArtRage are too light or small, this new version should correct that. In other situations where you have multiple input devices that support pressure, each device should now report the correct range to ArtRage.